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Welcome to Clean, Smart, Simple Style. Thanks so much for stopping by! When I visit a new blog, I love to click through a few pages to get a feel for what their site is about- so hopefully landing here first will fill you in on what I'm all about and what else you can find here.

When I started this blog in 2009, I didn't really have a concrete goal or a vision for this site- I was simply in search of a creative outlet and a way to continue to challenge myself with my writing and my photography.  The concept fell into place naturally as I started to think about some of my secret passions: organizing and interior design. I finally decided to quiet the voices of doubt and do what I love. (Click here to read how this blog came about).

Although I've been quoted by Better Homes and Gardens (aaaaaah!),  I most certainly do not live in a house that's ready to be featured in a magazine article. Day to day, I just love to love my home. For me, loving my home means continually trying to make it just a tiny bit more functional while adding in a bit of style whenever I can. It's the theme that is at the heart of this blog through and through, and it's the theme that ties this entire space together.  

I never thought I would fall comfortably into the title of Homemaker- but after spending several years devoting myself largely to the care of my family, I've come to realize that my home is exactly what I make it. Some days it's a cluttered mess because life calls me to be elsewhere, and that's ok. Some days I have an "Aha!" moment and find myself deep in a re-organizing project that makes a world of difference in the way that my home functions. I enjoy making my home what it is, and I love to share with you the successes and failures along the way.

As you read through this space you will learn that I'm obsessed with cleaning closets, I love a smart organizing solution or a simple home project, and I'm on the constant hunt for stylish home decor. If nothing else, I hope that your visits here will leave you feeling inspired and ready to make your home into someplace that you love to love!

Use the tabs in my header to check out my post galleries separated by category, check out my sidebar to browse posts and projects by season or room of the house, or visit my  home tour with links to many of my projects here if you are just getting started.

I'm reposting this information here, as the permanent landing page for this blog, because although my vision for this site, and the role it plays in my daily life, has changed over the years, the content is still what I've always hope that it would be. Clean, Smart, Simple Style is and always will be a resource for those looking for inspiration around the home. The design of this site, and the contents of its archives are something that I will forever be proud of- and a concrete reminder to myself and others that you really can make something out of nothing.

My creative passions have led me to a variety of places- the latest of which is exploring my artistic side. Keep up with my artwork and support my latest endeavor by visiting


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