Home Goal #1- Hang stuff on walls

I haven't really sat down and written out anything concrete in terms of what I want to accomplish this year, but I have all kinds of things circulating around in my head.

Some of my hopes for the new year are personal- like attempting to be a bit more "Zen" in general. I'd like to take that feeling that I get in yoga class and try to let it permeate my life. I'd also like to do more yoga.

Other ideas that I  have are silly little things that I am not sure why I  always procrastinate so much- such as putting up more stuff on the walls. The walls in our upstairs hallway are STILL completely empty, as were most of the walls in my youngest daughter's room.

So I figured that I might as well get started somewhere- and it seemed like putting a few holes in walls was probably an easier afternoon project than making over my entire personality.

I had a few art projects sitting around in various locations around the house, and realized that they were all colorful enough to work together in a kids room. My mom cross stitched the collection of butterflies in the center of the wall, and receiving that as a gift was just the motivation that I needed to get everything else up as well.

Her dress-up collection used to be in our basement playroom, but being in costume is such a part of the daily life of a 4 yr old girl that it's just easier to have them all in her room at her fingertips. I'm loving the additional pops of color that this row of sparkly dresses gives to her increasingly colorful room. At some point I'll have to get it all cleaned up and get a few more photographs of it for you all- so until then just imagine a LOT of stuffed animals crammed onto her bed- with a purple comforter somewhere under all of the craziness.

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  1. I don't know that I ever played dress-up... but if I had that many fairytale like dresses, I absolutely would have. Actually, I still would....



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