Smells like Christmas

I have to admit that I'm a huge sucker for Holiday scented stuff. If something random is going to end up in my cart during a routine shopping trip this time of year, you can bet it's probably going to be a holiday scented candle, or air freshener of some sort. Sometimes I find myself hoarding this stuff, because once it's gone, it's gone until next year. Since we decorate with an artificial tree in our home, I love finding other ways to make our house smell a little bit more like Christmas.  
In particular I'm partial to all things Febreeze. The Clean Linen scented spray is a staple in our home for freshening the carpet and furniture, but I'm addicted to their Holiday stuff too. A girl can never have too many candles. There's something about having a candle lit in a room that just makes it seem more festive. (Also, check out those great colors on the candles- I'm not at all above buying something simply because it coordinates with my decor!)
Spice Collection Soy Candles
The P&G estore is a great way to stock up on your fav (or my fav) holiday scented stuff without fighting the lines of crazy people in the stores as these last minutes of holiday shopping approach. By shopping online at their estore you can get cool bundles of items that will save you a few bucks as well. These Febreeze bundles look like they were just meant for me!
Scents of the Season Bundle
Febreeze Cranberries and Frost Bundle
And there's always free shipping on orders over $25, a free product sample thrown in, and 15% off your first order. Can't go wrong. 
 If nothing else, I might hop over there to stock up on Batteries, because Santa never seems to bring enough of those!
AA battery bundle


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