Pre-Holiday Prep

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Holiday shopping left to do?
You definitely have time to do that still.

Mailing lots of packages?
You'd probably better start thinking about getting those out to avoid long lines and high postage rush rates.

But, you know what you're starting to run out of time for?
Pre-holiday purging.

I'm a little later to this party than I probably should have been, but I have to tell you that I am so glad some of our weekend plans fell through and I ended up with a day to take care of this stuff.

Since I've been keeping this blog I've shown you some of my major trouble spots and junk accumulators. Over the last few years, not a whole lot has changed, but now that we've lived in this home for awhile I know where those spots are and I know that I need to get a jump on them. Major problem areas: Laundry Room and Wrapping Area, Craft Closet, Kids Rooms.

Having a child with a birthday 3 weeks before Christmas kind of helps too- because when our house exploded with birthday related messes, I knew it was only a taste of what was to come. It was enough to get me started on a 5 room, 4 closet, massive organizing binge.

via Joe Buckingham Flickr Creative Commons

 Every one's home tends to explode in a different way around the Holidays, but I will highlight some areas that you might want to think about:

-{ Wrapping Paper storage area }-
- Get rid of unusable paper scraps.
- Straighten and organize gift bags.
- Inventory gift tags, bows, and ribbon.
- Gather tape, scissors, labels etc.
- Make room for extra paper you will be buying between now and when you get around to wrapping.

-{ Pantry, fridge and freezer }-
(especially if you're a big baker or will host a holiday meal at your home)
-Toss old pantry staples (I'm looking at you rock hard brown sugar lump and mostly empty salad dressing bottle)
- Organize spices and cookie decorating supplies
- Assess Tupperware and leftover storage containers
- Clear some space for extra cookies and fruit cakes!

and, last but not least:

-{ Kids rooms, playrooms, closets, etc. }-
-Purge Purge Purge the un-used toys. Do this when no one's looking so they never even know what goes missing. If they haven't used it for most of this year, it'll really be old news after Christmas.
- Set up a donation of gently used toys and clothing. Now is the easiest time to do this, don't wait until January when everyone else is trying to do the same.
-Organize and containerize what's left. Put like with like and use that as a shopping guide. Do they really need more legos?
-Double check holiday outfits- tights, shoes, dress socks. Nobody wants to run to the store on their way to church Christmas Eve.

Anything else? Ok, well I'm sure there is tons more you could do, but what are your top spots to hit before Christmas hits?

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  1. These are some great tips to get ready for the busy festive season. Thank you for sharing.



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