My Holiday Decor....sort of...ok, not really

I really wanted to show you guys my Christmas decorations. I wanted to clean my house, stage the rooms so that everything looked perfect all at once, capture the knick knacks in soft natural light, and finally figure out how to get one of those twinkly looking Christmas Tree photos. I had planned to do those things today.

But here's the truth of what's going on.

My husband tore his Achilles tendon about a month ago, and has been on crutches ever since. Our division of labor is totally out of whack and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. The cooking, the cleaning, the shopping, the errand running, the tidying up, the fulfilling of the 17 million requests that come out of our kids mouths every's pretty much all on me at this point. He's being amazing- as helpful as he possibly can be on crutches- but there's just so so so much stuff that he usually does that he can't do right now. So, I'm doing some of it, and the rest of it is just remaining undone. It's been a serious wake up call for how helpful he normally is!

I have to tell you, at this point, there isn't a photo that I could take of our living room that would do the decorations any justice. It's lived in, lived in, lived in. And I could clean it up, but I've spent most of my morning running around town working on Christmas shopping....and I just need to sit and breathe for a few minutes before I run out again to get the kids from school.

So please accept this artificially bokehed (I tricked my camera into this shot on automatic mode because I still have no clue how to do it in manual) picture of my tree in lieu of a wider, crisper, much more cluttered shot. Even in this hectic time of year I'm trying to remind myself of what's important and what can wait. For these few quiet minutes that I have left in my morning I'm going to ignore the dishes and make myself a cup of tea. You should do the same.

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