Headband explosion solution

The right thing to do this time of year would be to post some amazing holiday organization tips. And I still might do that...once I figure them out myself. I also want to share my holiday decorating with you all still because I actually DO decorate for Christmas, and it looks quite snazzy I must say.

But, here's what I wanted to share with you today.

This year we went a little nuts with Christmas outfit shopping for the girls. Two pretty little girls in sparkles, I couldn't say no. They will be blinged out to the max.

So of course we had to buy 2 more headbands to coordinate with their coordinating outfits. Of course.

Do you know how many headbands we own? Enough that every time I reach into the headband drawer in the bathroom, it explodes. Well, that's not entirely true because we don't have bathroom drawers like normal people, just a huge expansive area under the sink which tends to get quite messy. Just imagine an explosion of headbands underneath our bathroom counter.

So instead of focusing on getting holiday cards addressed or cookies baked last weekend, I decided that we were in major need of a headband solution. Priorities, people.


Did you know that a Quaker oats container is exactly the size of a child's headband? Now I can store the bobby pins, barrettes and clips in a bag where I can easily see them, and not have to search through piles of exploded headbands before I finally get to the ones that I want each day.

Other people that have done this project on Pinterest (where my brain saw and mentally bookmarked the idea quite some time ago), surely wrapped their oats cylinder in decorative scrapbook paper.
I did not...

but I did tape the lid down...but mostly because there are still oats in the container. THAT's how badly I needed a headband solution. And I needed to get back to my Christmas cards.

Just keepin' it real guys.

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