Ring around the...

This year I didn't do anything new for Fall Decor- but as we wrap up the last week before most people move over to Christmas and Winter decorations, I'm kind of wishing that I had done a Fall wreath. Maybe I will scour the clearance bins for Autumn discards and pull something together for next year. I'd love a nice wreath that I could hang in October and keep up into December before replacing it with my standard Christmas evergreen.

So before we say goodbye to all things brown, golden, red, and orange, here's one last set of Autumn goodness eye candy.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May your weekend be filled with turkey, cranberries, pumpkin pie, family, friends, coffee, football, and naps.

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  1. I, also, didn't put up a Fall wreath....but thanks for sharing these beautiful pics. I just love following your blog. Blessings,



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