Light or Dark?

We're sort of in the market for new furniture. We'll probably be in this "sort of" place forever and ever and ever, but I've already started to think about what I want when the time comes. I know that I want a sectional with one of those chaise lounge ends on it. That's a must.

But I think the trip to the furniture store to pick out the upholstery will probably be a 17 hour excursion. Light or dark? Which shade of light or variation of dark? I think either too light or too dark is highly impractical for a family with kids- but I am obsessed with dark gray and navy sofas against lighter walls. Alternatively I like a golden beige (which is sort of what we have now) against a dramatic accent wall. I firmly believe that absolutely any color combination can work given the correct artwork and accents, so of course I'm brainstorming new throw pillows and wall decor as well.

Does anyone have dark sofas and wish they didn't show dust/fuzz so much? How about light ones that show stains?
Do you love your dark walls? Are you bored of your "safe" wall choice?

How about furniture brand recommendations? I'm leaning towards La-Z-Boy...but open to reviews one way or the other.

Light or Dark


  1. This is very similar to the one we have:

    We have it in light blue, microfiber. The microfiber is great and gets everything off. We did not get the extra stain treatment because we bought it before our daughter was born and didn't want the extra chemicals.

  2. we need a new sofa too, and i don't have an answer...but I'm leaning toward a medium grey that will look good anytime, with any color on our walls - it'll look dark if we ever have white or light walls (unlikely) and light against colorful walls.

    we painted our living room Plumage (a dark teal) and love the color. it's taken some adjustments to the rest of the room to lighten up the space, but totally worth it. and as we bring in new furniture/rugs and better lighting it will only be more awesome :)

    i think you know my bias toward COLOR. and i love grey as my neutral, with wood tones, as opposed to white or black. it just feels warmer to me, and less trendy.



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