Decorating with Duct Tape

I grew up during a time where Duct Tape could fix anything. But what that meant was that whatever needed fixing would be repaired with a shiny silver patch.

These days? Kids can  make anything with Duct Tape. A friend of mine even signed her girls up for an after school enrichment class that focused exclusively on Duct Tape crafts! I've seen everything from wallets, to headbands, to flip flops made exclusively with Duct Tape.

So when I started to notice that our kids card table had seen better days, I thought I might as well try to save it with duct tape. But of course, I'm not talking about the shiny silver stuff.

This piece of furniture hangs out in our basement as a space for the kids to draw, or as the restaurant table for their play cafe. It's been a great addition to our playroom, but I've never been a huge fan of the in-your-face character pattern.

Once I had the idea to cover it in tape, I was pleasantly surprised with how many options I had. I settled on these two, but I easily could have chosen any one of a dozen other colors and patterns. I don't really plan for this table to be a fixture in our main living room, but I thought that once the Disney was toned down a bit, I wouldn't mind using it upstairs when we needed a few extra seats.

To start, I covered the entire tabletop in teal. Then I used the paisley tape to add a little fun with a sort of chevron(ish) pattern. I didn't measure or anything...which in retrospect wasn't the greatest idea becuase my chevron is a bit crooked and uneven, but we're talking about a duct tape covered kids card table here, so it doesn't really bother me. I just wanted to get it done in time for my daughter's birthday party.
It was a pretty quick project, and seems to be holding up well enough for now. I left the chairs just plain teal, but might add some decorative tape later on. I have tons of tape left over, so the best part is that if I have another rip, or a permanent marker mishap, I can probably just patch it again with another piece of tape.
The table made a great addition in the living room for my daughter's party, and I thought it looked super cute with the zebra striped, pink, and sparkly theme that we ended up going with.

The table has taken up temporary residence in our living room as a place to play games and legos, and I don't even mind too much! Also, the neighborhood kids are huge fans of my Duct Tape handy-work, so I'm alright with showing it off for a little while longer. Has anyone else decorated with duct tape? 


  1. Great idea, and I love your color choice. What a pleasant change from Disney characters.

    I've made a few small duct tape crafts -- covered a small note pad, hemmed some curtains, decorated a flower pot. My favorite is the black and white houndstooth pattern.

    I've been trying to think of a way I could make weather-proof outdoor cushions with duct tape. I just need to do some experiments.

  2. I once made an entire canoe out of cardboard and duct tape. I went with black and white. It had stripes all the way down it. It looked awesome I have to buycableties to hold down part of the sides but the rest was all duct tape. The table looks great. I am going to ahve to do this to my babies chairs.

  3. very creative

    thanx for sharing



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