She got married! (And I did the decorating)

I have talked several times on this blog about some of the projects and decor ideas that I had for the wedding of one of my best friends. Well the wedding finally happened (and everything went flawlessly!) so I thought I'd share just a few little pictures of how the decor turned out.

If you missed the first couple of posts, check them out here and here (second link is for the tutorial on how to make those fabulous raffia wrapped wine bottles).

How amazing is this space? Wood wood wood everywhere. Her choice of wildflowers and rustic decor could not have fit more perfectly into the venue.
Half of the tables had wine bottles with flowers and candles in mason jars.
The other half held our bouquets in birch bark wrapped vases (which we bought from and more candles in mason jars.

The table "numbers" were states that the bride and groom had visited together with a favorite memory listed on each one. I could do a whole post on her wedding invites, table numbers and signery, but if you are curious for the details- click here to visit the website of her invite designer, another lovely and talented friend of the bride. (And if you poke around enough on her site you might find some photos of me that she used to mock up some Christmas Card designs).
I was a tiny bit preoccupied with the coordination of the decorating efforts to really get too many photos, but I snapped 2 quickies with Instagram, and luckily my hubby thought to snap the wide shot when we were all finished with the room.

And I hope the bride doesn't kill me for posting this, but how can I post about a wedding without showing you this. This photo has got to be one of my favorites of all time. What a kiss!


  1. It really was such a perfect day and your work was awesome! (And thanks for the link. :))

  2. I loved it all. And I love you for posting that last pic. It's certainly a favorite of mine.



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