Little Mis Matched

I don't know a mom out there that doesn't deal with the issue of unmatched socks. In fact I don't know a human out there that doesn't deal with it. The house, the washer, and the dryer eat socks. It's a known fact.

I've mentioned before (I think), that I have an unmatched sock bag in our laundry room. It's perfect for just throwing solo socks into one location, and then every once in awhile I sort through to see if I can find any pairs. But I have to show you my favorite new thing. It won't work for everyone- but for parents of little's a must as far as I am concerned.

Mis matched socks.

They are all the rage apparently.

In fact, my kids seem to prefer to wear unmatching socks lately, so it was a no brainer to buy these. The package came with about 20 unmatching but coordinating socks. Now I don't even attempt to sort- I just throw ALL of the socks into the crazy sock basket. And I don't even bother to take it upstairs to the girls' rooms because it never fails that as we are trying to leave the house someone doesn't have socks on. So now this basket of socks lives near the door (or in the closet if I am tidying up), for easy access all day long.

It's the little things.


  1. Smart tip! Even now that I'm a grown up, I still have problems with unmatched socks sometimes :D

  2. You really know some good patterns here. Nice!



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