Bedroom Photo Gallery Wall

Our bedroom has been a work in progress for as long as we've lived here.
If you're a long time blog reader, you'll remember that once upon a time it looked like this:
We painted the walls, changed up the curtains, made some tiny adjustments to the bed linens...but for almost 3 years we've had a gaping space over the bed just waiting for me to do something with it.
Finally, it's been done.
I took a few of my masterpieces (bridge pencil drawing was all me, the Eiffel Tower was done with a lot of help from a fun BYOB painting studio near here). The amazing photography of my kids was courtesy of my amazing friend who I've mentioned several times before.
I didn't measure, I didn't buy matching frames, I just sort of went with the haphazard look, and I love it! Once I gathered up the frames, the project took me about 10 minutes...well, plus the 2 years that I put it off.

Isn't it funny how long it takes sometimes to do something so simple?


  1. this looks awesome!! and i continue to be impressed by your drawings. i love them.

  2. also, i love this next round of tweaks to the blog's look, especially the divided header.

  3. I agree this looks awesome! So glad to have discovered your blog!

  4. I absolutely positively love it. I love the "non-matching" look so much but don't know how to pull it off. It always looks so good on everyone else's walls!

  5. The gray is beautiful! So soothing!

    Thanks so much for sharing!




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