Upcycled Wine Bottle Decor

I've known for awhile now that I was going to help a friend with the decorations at her wedding. I've even blogged about it once before. Well the wedding is just over a month away, so everything is starting to come together.

Now that we really have a concrete vision, I am so excited about how it's all going to turn out. Nothing that we are using is going to be so "typical wedding" that once the day is over it all goes into a closet to gather dust for 10 years until you finally decide to throw it away. It's all stuff that could absolutely be used amongst normal decor in a house once the big day is over.
We're doing a few buckets in a green aged copper color as an accent, some birch bark vases to hold the bouquets as some of the table centerpieces, and lots and lots of mason jars with wildflowers and candles.
(FYI, Most of our crafty supplies- like both of these vases- are coming from Save-on-crafts.com)
Early in the wedding planning stages I saw a picture on Pinterest with some raffia wrapped wine bottles, and I told my friend that I would be more than happy to make some of those for her if she wanted. Luckily for me I have lots of friends who like wine, so it hasn't been too hard to round up a collection of bottles large enough to serve as centerpieces on 4 or 5 of the tables.

The tutorial that I saw suggested hot glue, but I knew that would be a recipe for disaster and burned fingers in my house, so I found some crafty glue stuff at Michael's that advertised "glass" as one if the surfaces it would work on. Oh, and just so you know, one bag that size of raffia explodes into enough raffia to wallpaper a small cottage.

It was a somewhat tedious process, but staring at the base of the wine bottle I spread a thin layer of craft glue around the bottom 2 inches or so of the bottle. Then one strand at a time I wrapped the bottles in raffia, pausing between strands to be sure the ends were affixed securely before letting go. I found that since it was a two handed process, it worked best if I tipped the bottle upside down and held the neck in between my legs as I used my hands to keep the raffia in place. Speaking of it being a two handed process, that sure did make it difficult to take this photo!

The glue goes on white, but dries totally clear, so it's not a huge deal if there are some spaces between the raffia (as long as you take the label off the bottle first).

Several hours later, a small puncture wound on my finger from a mishap with scissors during label removal, and one big hot mess of discarded raffia strands....I've got a good start on my collection of bottles!
The plan is to put 3 bottles on each table (1 large and 2 small), and then stuff a few stems of wildflowers in each one. Honestly though, I love them even empty! I think they'll look great lined up on a fireplace mantle afterwards too, and after the wedding is over I can't wait to steal a few of them back to use as Fall centerpieces in my own home.  


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  2. I cannot wait to see the finished product. I think these tables are going to look amazing.



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