Obsession of the Moment: Yoga


Ok, yes I am obsessed with my yoga class. I found a class that is just amazing in every way. And I'm sure you are all very happy to hear that, but wondering why exactly I am sharing this here.

Well, when I started taking the class, all I was looking for was a good sweat and stretch. I attempted to tune out some of the "blah blah blah" yogi stuff that starts and ends every class. But over the last several weeks I have come to appreciate the mindful and meditative approach to yoga. My instructor often tells us to check in with our body, take note of how we're feeling, acknowledge it and accept it for what it is.

"It's not good, it's not bad, it just is," She'll say.

We practice looking inward instead of outward, we practice acceptance and self love, we breathe, we stretch, and we leave class feeling renewed. It's something that I feel most people could benefit from: a chance to turn off the noise all around us and just breathe.

It makes me want to create open space in my life- in my schedule, in my home, in my head. And I thought THAT part was worth sharing with you.

Any other yogis out there? Have you found that your practice creeps into the rest of your life?  

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  1. When I first starting doing yoga again after having children, what I really appreciated were the opportunities to spend time awake but with my eyes closed. Sounds strange, but by simply resting my eyes, I could feel more relaxed and appreciate the quiet moments of stillness that I only otherwise could experience when asleep.



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