Love where you Live

My hubby and I just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary, and as the day approached I was mentally walking down memory lane, remembering all of the places that we have lived together. Since we've been married, we've moved 4 times. (No wonder all of our furniture is so beat up!)

We are coming up on our 3 year mark in our current location, and I am pretty sure that is the longest that we have lived anywhere. So it's understandable when I say I am starting to feel restless. With my house, that is, not with my marriage :)

I'm feeling restless, but also kind of stuck, because we're talking about moving again soon. So I'm finding myself annoyed by all of the little things in my home, but reluctant to make any changes because I don't see the long term payoff. We rent, so I feel limited in what changes I CAN make, but regardless of that, I don't feel particularly motivated to put a lot of heart and soul into something (like a stenciled wall) that I won't get to enjoy for very long.

In talking to friends of mine, I realized that I am not at all alone in this feeling. I have lots of friends who rent and feel similarly trapped. I also have friends who own and think about moving "someday," who are equally unmotivated to invest in a project they won't get to take with them.

It's easy to think to yourself: Why buy furniture for a room, when it might not work in our new place? Why worry about landscaping when we won't be here to enjoy it next year? Why spend the effort on paint if our landlord will make us fix it before we leave?

But honestly, why live someplace for any length of time,
constantly wishing the time away?

The common theme in everyone that I talk to is that we all seem to end up staying in our homes longer than we thought we would. We've already renewed our lease more times than we initially planned, and still haven't actually decided for sure that we will be moving at all. Our friends that were going to sell a few years ago, still haven't put their house on the market. One year turns into two, two years turns into four. The projects that we all wish we would have done, absolutely would have been worth it if we hadn't mentally moved out before we even moved in. Isn't a few hours of your time worth it if it makes you smile every day?

I'm working on a brainstorm list of things that we all CAN do in any housing situation, no matter how temporary, and I'm also working on mentally moving back into my home so I can enjoy our final (?) year here as much as ever.


  1. I was thinking about writing a very similar post - just as I was opening this post to read! I was finally "happy" with our house in Kansas once we did all the work to get it ready to sell! I spent a lot of time kicking myself for not doing it sooner and enjoying the fruits of my labors. Now, I've been putting off some projects here (at our rental) because we're 99% sure we're moving in Feb. - though b/c our rent is so cheap and I'm kind of in cheap mode right now, we may end up staying for another year. You are definitely not alone in your feelings, that's for sure. After fixing up our KS house - I'm definitely in the mind set it's 100% worth it to make ALL the small changes you can for where you're currently at. Living for what "might happen" gets no one anywhere but restless and unhappy.

  2. I love where we live. I love the location and I can honestly say that even if we won the lottery and could live anywhere, I'd add on and remodel our house before considering moving. :-) great post!

  3. we love where we is location, location. location. Then you fix the place to make it what you want. We've done lots of projects to get our house/home more the way we want it...some visible (re-doing a bathroom), some not so visible (insulating the crawl space) But more importantly, I am with the person I love spending my life with, and that is what really matters.

  4. I have heard before that when you build a house it takes 3 of them to get exactly what you want...but I still think that as you life changes the needs of your house changes, so these may always be things that need to be done/changed!
    Also wanted to let you know I tagged you in my blog post today.

  5. I love this... And it's so true. I needed the reminder as well.

  6. It's easy to think to yourself: Why buy furniture for a room, when it might not work in our new place? Why worry about landscaping when we won't be here to enjoy it next year? Why spend the effort on paint if our landlord will make us fix it before we leave?

    I can Idenitfy with this! We are military and have moved 7 times in 14 yrs! We have recently bought a home in FL as we plan to retire here in 2014, or at least that was the plan! I started to blog about our transition into a new community and how we recreate our life and home each time we move! We are totally updating the house so that is where "decorate" comes in!! I am beginning to get nervous, we have been here a year and I am already feeling that itch! Therefore I find myself asking, "how much do I really do to update this house?"



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