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I am definitely a morning person. Not one of those bounding out of bed with limitless energy and an ear to ear smile type of morning people- but after a small bowl of cereal and about a 1/2 a cup of coffee I can be pretty cheerful and productive, regardless of whether it's 5am or 8am. I know that not everyone is a morning person, and it's something that lots of people struggle with. But I think especially for stay at home parents with kids on summer break, those morning hours can be productivity lifesavers. All of those things that we used to do while the kids were at school? When exactly are we supposed to do them now?

Even as a self proclaimed early riser, I have noticed myself adjusting to my kids summer schedule- staying up a bit later, sleeping in a tiny bit more, finding less and less time to myself to devote to things like reading, writing, household tasks and exercise. I need to get back to my early morning routine because I love to be awake before anyone else in the house, and now that the kids are sleeping in a bit later, that's a ton of un-interrupted "me" time that I could be capitalizing on.

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So how can we make the most of morning hours?

Well- by waking up earlier. Simple enough. But if you're saying that you CAN'T drag yourself out of bed any earlier, the answer is to go to bed earlier. But if you think that you can't go to bed earlier (because you're not tired until 1am), the answer is to get up earlier. The argument can go round and round in a circle of justifications, just like "Which came first, the chicken, or the egg?" But in this case I know what comes first.

Getting up earlier.

You WILL be able to fall asleep at a reasonable hour if you get up early, make good use of your day and don't take a nap. You WILL be able to get into the habit of early rising if you make it a habit.

Some other suggestions:
Limit caffeine past noon or so
Sleep with your windows and/or curtains open. I personally hate birds chirping, but if they help you wake up, it works!
Exercise in the morning or early evening

I know that some people do their best work in the wee hours of the morning, or that's when they squeeze in those much needed moments of solitude to read a book, or journal, or prep for the following day...but a small shift in your daily rhythm might make a noticeable difference in your productivity. It's worth a shot right?

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  1. I just posted on 'Fake-book' this morning that I had to come up with some sort of schedule for the summer. I really want to be able to take time for myself & not feel guilty about it. So that means that I have to get the ten-gazillion other things on my 'Summer To Do List' off the list. This past weekend was the first weekend of summer vacation & for 4 nights in a row I stayed up past midnight. I feel yucky, I've had to take a bunch of breaks. I can't keep doing that. Soooo, starting tonight EARLY BEDTIME = More productive DAY!



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