My dining room update

In my most recent post I talked about needing a new table cloth. And then several hours after posting the post, I spilled an entire glass to red wine on it, so it definitely needs replacing now.
On a related note- You're never going to believe what I found on clearance. The most beautiful table cloth! Yay, problem solved!

Yes, exactly. Problem solved, but not the problem that you think I'm talking about. My table is round- this table cloth is rectangular. But regardless, I bought two of them. Want to know why?


A 60 x 84 inch table cloth is the PERFECT size to use as curtains, and when I saw these, I just knew they were exactly what I was looking for. (And to be fair, I actually found the curtains BEFORE I posted about needing a new table cloth, and subsequently spilled wine on the one that I had)

I have alluded to it before, but maybe never actually shown you a picture of the ugliest part of my dining room. So here's what that wall looked like before.

Vertical blinds. Aka the bane of my existence. As a renter I'd be reluctant to remove them, but have spent the last several months fantasizing of what our dining room might look like without them- and once we actually looked into it, they weren't very difficult to remove at all. I was even able to use the exact same drill holes to hang the new hardware (which is a good thing because the owner never painted behind the old brackets, so it would have looked pretty awkward unless I could find some touch up paint).

Since I was able to re-use the holes already drilled for the blinds, the whole project was ridiculously easy and quick- but I did have to "hem" the curtains a tiny bit to make the exact right length. (And by "hem" I mean, fold over before using the drape clips since I don't actually sew). Ideally I would have liked to hang them a bit higher on the wall, but it just wasn't worth the trouble to redrill the holes and try to paint the white spots.

Arent' they just so lovely?

Hubby says the pattern is kind of "old lady," but he trusts my design sense enough to get over it, and I think they are growing on him already. I told him that "old lady" was en vogue again, and he nodded his head while he was watching basketball- so I know he's totally on board.

So shall we look at the "after" picture again? Yes, Let's do that.


The only thing missing is a better tablecloth, and maybe some forsythia branches in a vase. So, I'm still looking for a great source on tablecloths, and now also placemats, since I ruined those with the wine too.

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  1. That is amazing! What a beautiful and cheap alternative. And if that is old lady, then call me an old lady because I love it.

  2. I used Target tablecloths for my curtains too! But a word of warning - they shrink! It worked out just fine for me, because my curtain rods had to be placed a bit lower, so curtain clips still gave me floor length curtains... but I suggest line drying them when the time comes.

  3. Good to know- thank you! I had been thinking about how easily washable they will be once my kids grubby them up as they like to do...and now I know to definitely line dry them! (although maybe they would shrink to JUST the right length?)

  4. I have been on the hunt for some cheap table clothes myself. This came out GREAT! I am a huge fan of hanging heavy shower curtains, but they don't make it in length for sliders. Boo.


  5. Awesome use of a table cloth. Very creative. I bought a tapestry from Urban Outfitters a long time ago that I said I was going to do something with... but somehow it's still in my room...

  6. I love these! I even debated over the very same ones but decided on a solid color because my pillows are going to have so much pattern on them. They're such a cheaper alternative to real curtains, aren't they?

  7. Great idea! I love the pattern and don't think it looks old-ladyish at all!


  8. What a great idea--and you picked such a pretty pattern! Thanks for sharing at Point of View! :)

  9. Very great ideas!!!
    I was in search of some stylish, modern and cheap dining table cloths to make my dining wonderful
    This share really helps me out.



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