Kids Closet Cleanout

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I am sort of a closet cleaning addict- but that doesn't mean that they alway STAY organized. I sometimes start a project and then don't fully see it through- so in a few months it needs to be revisited. This is the story of my daughter's closet.
Her closet in particular was a bit of a disaster because she doesn't have any sort of a dresser or bureau for her clothes- we just hang them, or put them in bins.

This concept worked for awhile, but when some of her clothing bins (and the bin storage unit) got converted to toy storage during her room makeover, it kind of got out of control. The end result was piles of her clothing overflowing from whatever boxes I could find around the house- and me allowing them all to pile up on the floor of her closet.

So after I finished a pretty thorough purge of outgrown clothing, I decided that something needed to be done that was sightly more permanent and user-friendly than storing clothing in old diaper boxes.
The logical purchase would have been in the form of actual furniture- but I was just having a hard time figuring out what was a good fit for her space and for our budget- and in the end I decided that all we really needed for now was some shelves that she could reach on her own.

So I bought this wire organizer by ClosetMaid (from Target) and turned it on its side in her closet.

Each compartment can hold nicely what the bins used to hold- so either skirts/shorts, leggings, PJs, or sweats. Now her closet is actually functional again!

We still use some various containers for socks, undies, and things like that, but clothing items can now be folded neatly in cubbies instead of shoved into bins that must be dumped out entirely in order to find 1 item.

So, it's not terribly fancy, but it definitely works for us, and I am so glad that she is able to get herself dressed now without destroying her closet. AND I'm so happy to have her closet only filled with things that fit so that I don't have to RE-dress her after she picks out her favorite outfit from 2 years ago as the outfit of the day.


  1. Looks great. I had to go through some clothes too. They grow so fast don't they.
    Have a great day.

  2. I use plastic drawers from my college years for my kiddos clothes. We don't have a bureau for them either :-) Nice job on the closet!!!

  3. It looks great! I'm tackling kids clothes this week and I'm scared. Have a great day.

    ~Delilah @ Semi Domesticated Mama

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