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As we discussed yesterday, time is running out. Not in an ohmygoshletsrunaroundinapanic kind of way...but in a it's time to get serious kind of way. So, as promised- here are a few tips to find a bit more time, or make the most of the time you have left.

Ditch the little people:
-Arrange a drop off playdate, or swap babysitting hours with a friend so you can both finish up your shopping.

-If your kids are a bit older, send them home on the bus w/ a friend one afternoon (and then offer to reciprocate asap)- or drop them off at the ice skating rink during open skating hours and use every minute of that time to wrap their stuff.
Max out your day:
-Check the holiday extended hours of your shopping destination's and see if there is any place that you could hit up BEFORE work.
-Run to the post office during lunch (but take an early lunch to beat everyone else doing the same thing).
-Plan on coming home late- after making a few stops on the way.

Double Up:
-Cook one double batch meal this weekend, and plan to reheat it for leftovers on the night you have lots of holiday baking planned.
-Or, use the other half of the doubled recipe as your contribution to the work potluck.

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Open your schedule:
-See if there is anything in your schedule that is not time sensitive that can be pushed back and rescheduled until after the holidays. Trust me, the other people involved may be as badly in need of the free time as you are.
-Allow your kids to skip just one weeknight of scheduled activities in order to have an evening at home without any taxi cab services.

-Bargain with your better half to take over 1 small household task that would normally be yours.
 "I'll run out and do the shopping for the party tonight if you wouldn't mind cleaning up the 1st floor while I'm gone," (or vice versa if making a grocery list is easier than expecting your sweetheart to use the cleaning supplies)
-Cut your list in half and ask hubby to shop for his family.

Excuse yourself:
-Make a list of all of the places you promised to be and rank them in order of importance. If the last thing on the list is something that there is ANY way you can get out of...cough cough...I think you might be feeling a cold coming on, and it would be terrible to get everyone sick this close to Christmas.  Send a bottle of wine along with someone who is going (and won't blow your cover), and realize in the grand scheme of things, missing one party won't be the end of the world.

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