Doing Laundry like it's my job...because I guess it is!

In one of the houses I lived in growing up, we had a laundry chute.  Do houses even have those anymore?  For those of you unfamiliar with the concept- there was basically a little square door (the size of a small kitty or doggy door I guess) in the wall in our upstairs hallway that opened up to a chute leading directly to the basement.  And so if you put a large laundry basket directly under the opening of the chute- it catches your laundry.  I imagine that it was great for my mom because all of the laundry ended up where it needed to be without her carrying it down 2 flights of stairs- and it was out of sight for the most part because our basement wasn't used for much else at that point.  It was also great fun for my brother and I because if you moved the laundry basket and then dropped a bouncy ball through the chute- it would bounce really high!  Hours of fun when Mom and Dad left us with the babysitter :)  

Then we moved (to a house without a laundry chute), and my brother and I shared a bathroom with two sinks.  The space under one sink was the designated dirty laundry spot.  I don't know why we didn't have a hamper (probably because in our old house we never needed one)- and using the space under the sink kept all of our gross clothes out of site until they needed to be washed.  

Well, as an adult (who unfortunately has assumed the role of sole launderer) our current house does not have a laundry chute- and my loyal readers know that I keep too much crap under my sinks to put laundry there. (STILL working on using up those shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and lotions!!!)

So, our laundry sits on the floor in several locations including but not limited to: the upstairs hallway, all 3 bedrooms, and both upstairs bathrooms  is ALWAYS neatly sorted into laundry baskets which are tucked out of site in closets.  Right.

But still, I have been thinking about buying some sort of a hamper system that is slightly more attractive than a plain laundry basket.  Just in case, ONCE in awhile, the laundry baskets are full of clean laundry waiting to be folded/put away and a few items of clothing somehow find themselves wanting to scatter themselves across the floor.  I mean, that rarely happens, but it's good to be prepared.  (you all know I'm joking right?  Do I need to post a "before" picture of my upstairs hallway? I really don't want to have to do that.)

Anyway, my Form + Function hunt for today is the search for hampers that beg to be displayed.  Or at least, ones you wouldn't be embarrassed to have sitting out if company dropped by.

Hamper 1

Hamper 2

I kind of like this one with 3 compartments because in a house with a 3 to 1 girl/guy ratio I generally sort our laundry into "lights," "darks," and "pinks/purples/reds," (My oldest will pretty much only wear those 3 colors, so that bin would fill up quickly). 

Hamper 4

I also like these next two because they both look clean and tidy- which is kind of the opposite of the systme that we currently have going on.  But if you want to get serious about your laundry storage- here's some high end options.  These would look FABULOUS in my hallway.  Hmmmm- once again, trying to convince myself that I don't actually NEED these things...

tilt open hamper

Tilt open hamper 2

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