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Color me Poppy

Color me Poppy by AlexisAnne on

Another one of the room requests on my "Who wants me to make a room for them?" post was asking for a bedroom in black, white, gray and orange.  I had found a number of things I liked using that color scheme, and then happened to find inspiration while walking around the mall last weekend.  The Spring collections of fashion are out in full force in every store, and I couldn't help but notice that a bright reddish orange seems to be the color of the moment.  It was featured in nearly ever store window, and often paired with whites, pinks, and khakis.  It reminded me of the color of a poppy flower, and I just knew that rather than pairing orange with gray for my next room design, I was going to pair Poppy with Khaki.  The great thing about this color scheme is that I think it could work in almost any room with any shade of neutral wall.  Pretty much any hue of beige, tan, or even a pale pale pink would look great with this color as long as your chose your patterns, prints, and accessories accordingly.  I found too many great rugs and throw pillow options to pick one- so I decided to feature them all :) So now you just have to choose- how much poppy do you want in your room?  I realize that it isn't EXACTLY what Cindy asked for- but hopefully she likes it anyway!
Oh, and Olioboard was acting up- so this room is brought to you courtesy of Polyvore once again.


  1. Oh man, I absolutely love the rug on the right. The one w/ big swirls and I think the color compliments pops of orange perfectly! I love the room- it's gorgeous!

  2. PS: You've inspired me to make my home stylish, functional, and organized w/ this blog. Do you think you could start a blog for fashion too? I'm in need of a makeover but have no ideas. I'm sure you'll get right on it for me! ;)

  3. Lovely combo - I wouldn't normally think of orange for a bedroom, but this room is fresh, crisp and non-boring. Fab job!

  4. This is so beauiful!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! It's what I had in mind but with much more style. It's simple comfy looking and gorgeous..... yet has some orange which looks great here. Love it! have inspired me to get started on my makeover, thanks so much!

  5. What a great moodboard, I love the combination of colors! I've been thinking for our master bedroom that I'd like to bring some nature (flower pattern etc.) into it, but I don't want it to be too feminine. You've struck a nice balance here, very inspiring!



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