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Gray and Yellow Office
Gray and Yellow Office by AlexisAnne on

I am not sure which I am more enamored with- the contents of this space, or the idea of this space.  A little office/niche of my own in which to think, write, read and create...I mean, what more could a girl ask for? 
For some reason I've been very into the black/white or gray with a pop of color thing lately- and I think that generally such a color scheme creates quite a bold room.  But I also feel like using a white backdrop with a nice soft gray and a soft (or bright) yellow would be such a great way to have a fairly neutral room without being boring. I grew up in a house where every wall in every room was white from the day we moved in parents still live there and the walls are all still white.  It works for them, but I think that fact alone pretty much explains why as soon as I moved out into my own house, I painted one wall in the living room BRIGHT orange.  And now, after having to rent again for several years in a space where once again ALL OF THE WALLS were white white white, I'd prefer to avoid white walls entirely from this point forward.  However, when I was pulling pieces for the imaginary office of my dreams, it all seemed like it could (and should) work with a white wall. 

I can just SEE myself in an office like this- with a huge bulletin board on the wall filled with inspiration clippings from magazines and catalogs.  The desk would have tidbits of various design and organizing projects that I am working on for my clients, and the wall would have framed copies of my first magazine publications.   As much as a I love a bold wall color, I feel like I'd be better able to create fantastic spaces for other people in an office that is a tiny bit more "quiet" visually.  Not that those wall decals are really that subtle- but I guess it's more subtle than working in a room with a wall the color of the Home Depot sign. (It was a beautiful room- I promise!)

But the feelings that I have for this room, go much deeper than just the decor.  To you, this room might be an office with some yellow and gray accessories- but for me, it's kind of like the imaginary home of my future dreams.  It's the physical representation of the goal that I am working towards (slowly) with the creation of this virtual space.  It's everything that I someday hope that I can have- and for some reason, at the moment, these hopes and dreams are manifesting themselves in the form of some yellow flowers and some gray birds.        

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  1. I can tell you my office is the BEST place in the house...white walls and all. There is really NOTHING better than a place you can call your own to think, write, create and be. Crossing my fingers you'll office will become a reality!



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