It's Fall Y'all!

The air is finally feeling crisp, the days are definitely getting shorter, and the pumpkin spice references online are up about 400%, so I guess that means "It's Fall Y'all,"  I'm a sucker for fall decor, and it's up in the stores in full swing, (but act quick because only 11 weeks until Christmas!) so I thought I would feature some items that caught my eye on Etsy- because obviously I love supporting small businesses this time of year and all year.   Click the thumbnails to shop!
Fall Y'all

Hello Beautiful

It's almost October, which means the world is in full Pumpkin Spice mode. But October is my daughter's birthday and this year she is turning 10, so I'm in full pre-teen birthday mode. She's very much a girly girl, and forever asking to have her room "redone." I'm  not super eager to repaint it or completely redo it, but I can't help but dream up new color schemes and look for little decorative touches for her room that might help satisfy her itch to redecorate. I love the positive messages that are popping up everywhere on artwork, pillows, journals etc.  Waking up to the words "I am beautiful" has got to count for something towards positive body image and self esteem right?

Beautiful Smile

PBteen bed pillow

Gold throw pillow

Happy Thoughts Journal

Heart ring
$390 -

PBteen furniture


Tech accessory

Lip makeup
$7.78 -

The Cutest Dr. Seuss Nursery Ever

So how's that for a title to keep your expectations nice and high?  But I promise once you see these pictures you are going to agree with me. Today I'm featuring the nursery in the home of one of my best friends.  At the time these photos were taken, baby Carmen was still cookin' in my bestie's belly, but now little CJ (as they call her) is almost 9  months old! I think Carmen is a million times cuter than her nursery, but that's a post for another day.  Today is about the nursery.

But wait, first let's see some adorable maternity pictures of then mommy to be Kelsa (and her husband Michael).

Isn't she just stunningly beautiful?! I would give anything to be that photogenic.

These photos were taken by my other amazing and beautiful bestie, Amy, who is a family portrait photographer based out of Chicago. So, if you're a mid-westie. look her up, she'll make you and your family look just as fabulous as what you see here. 

Amy was kind enough to also take all of the photos of this nursery for me to share with you here. So, I guess this means if you want nursery photos with your maternity photo shoot, she will without a doubt knock those out of the park as well. 

Kelsa and Michael decided on a Dr. Seuss theme early on, partially because they loved the bright, bold, primary colors that are typical in a Dr. Seuss book, and also because they live on Mulberry Street.  How cute is that? 

Anyway, as soon as she told me the theme, my crafty brain started thinking...wouldn't it be fun to make something for the nursery that used pages from Dr. Seuss books?  My pinterest board was soon filled with ideas....and after blending several of these ideas together into one massive project, I decided to make her a mobile. 

It was one of the most fun projects that I have worked on in a very long time. It was also one of the projects that took me the very most longest times to work on!

I purchased two copies of the Dr. Seuss ABC book (based on what she told me was their bedding choice), and for almost an entire month my studio floor was covered in lines of star cut outs and strands of coordinating embroidery floss. 

available for purchase here
 (I used a Martha Stewart star shaped craft punch, and an acid free permanent glue pen if you are wondering about the knitty gritty detail part). 

Then I dismantled a lamp shade that I grabbed at Home Depot, painted it bright yellow for the base, and started to tie the strands onto it.

Then I began to question what I had gotten myself into. 

At first glace the mobile may appear colorfully random- but the amount of time that I spent color coordinating the stars to make up the strands bordered on unnecessarily obsessive. It also took a TON of strands to fill out the mobile the way that I wanted to. 

But in the end, the effect was exactly as I hoped, and it looks amazing in the room! 

The rest of the room is just adorable too. They painted bright horizontal stripes all along the wall behind the crib, and her mother in law even made some truffula trees to put in the corner! (Her mother in law also made all of the fabric bunting and lettering that is over her changing table in the first photo of this post). 

The room is a great mix of modern handmade touches and classic family heirlooms, like these Norman Rockwell prints. 

Baby CJ may still be too young to truly appreciate all of the hard work that went into making her nursery so unique and personalized, but I have no doubt that she already knows just how much she is loved!  


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