My Art Studio

About a year ago I finally shared the magnetic chalkboard wall project that I did in our "art room."
Ironically, it was around that time that I began another makeover of the room to transition it from a kids art room to a room that I could share as my studio/office.  As I always hoped it would be, this space has truly turned into my favorite room in the house, and the place where I spend most of my time.
Now that I'm spending more and more time working on my art business, I really needed to get the room cleaned up and make room for lots of art supply and product inventory storage.

My desk in the corner is my early morning works pace. I've surrounded it with pieces of my art, as well as art from some of my online idols that make me happy and keep me motivated. 
Having the magnetic chalkboard is super fun for displaying art and making little backdrops for product photos in my Etsy shop. 

And although I tend to let them draw on the walls a little bit less than I used to, I still share the space with my two little girls. They love to come and keep me company and make art together. 

I feel so lucky every day to have the space in my house to make a big creative mess every day. And the best part is, the more art that I make, the more colorful the walls of this room get!

To see the finished products of what I'm creating here, as well as all of the art prints you see on the walls, visit my Etsy shop: or

It's Fall Y'all!

The air is finally feeling crisp, the days are definitely getting shorter, and the pumpkin spice references online are up about 400%, so I guess that means "It's Fall Y'all,"  I'm a sucker for fall decor, and it's up in the stores in full swing, (but act quick because only 11 weeks until Christmas!) so I thought I would feature some items that caught my eye on Etsy- because obviously I love supporting small businesses this time of year and all year.   Click the thumbnails to shop!
Fall Y'all

Hello Beautiful

It's almost October, which means the world is in full Pumpkin Spice mode. But October is my daughter's birthday and this year she is turning 10, so I'm in full pre-teen birthday mode. She's very much a girly girl, and forever asking to have her room "redone." I'm  not super eager to repaint it or completely redo it, but I can't help but dream up new color schemes and look for little decorative touches for her room that might help satisfy her itch to redecorate. I love the positive messages that are popping up everywhere on artwork, pillows, journals etc.  Waking up to the words "I am beautiful" has got to count for something towards positive body image and self esteem right?

Beautiful Smile

PBteen bed pillow

Gold throw pillow

Happy Thoughts Journal

Heart ring
$390 -

PBteen furniture


Tech accessory

Lip makeup
$7.78 -


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