Ditch email, send your message by hand!

Regardless of how busy I get, one thing that has always been a favorite thing of mine to do is make handmade gifts of appreciation for my kids' teachers. I have enough friends that are teachers to  know that the favorite gifts at Christmas, or as a thank you at the end of the year, is a gift card tucked inside a heartfelt note. 

But I don't just wait until Christmas, or the end of the year to send something nice.  I like to start out the year with a little bit of sucking up.  Haha. I'm kidding.
Sort of.

Sucking up aside, I do actually think it's really nice to send in a little note, maybe with a starbucks gift card attached, that says, "Hey, we are excited to get to know you this year, thanks for all that you do!" Last year I put together little pencil boxes full of sharpies, hand sanitizer, post it notes, etc. I think this year I'm going to keep it simple and just jot down a note in one of the cards that I've been making. And as the year goes on, when little things come up, or I notice that a teacher has gone out of his or her way to help my kid out....a hand written note might be the better way to go than just firing off an email from my iPhone. I used to work at Hallmark, so I have a super soft spot in my heart for greeting cards, stationary, and actual paper thank you notes.

I painted a ton of these cards for a craft show last year, and I keep dipping into my stash of extras every time I want to send someone a note. There are about 8 sets still available in my Etsy shop- each individual card is unique- paired with 3-5 others in the same color story to make nice little sets of 6 and 8.  Click on over and check them out, and grab one before I use them all up myself!

Announcing Alexis Anne Creative

As some of you may know, I've been taking some time off from regular blogging here to pursue some of my artistic impulses.  I call them impulses because I seem to have major ADD with projects, and as soon as I'm almost finished with one project I just want to move on and do something else instead of taking the time to REALLY finish it completely.  I've learned that my joy comes from the making, and not so much with the promoting and selling....which I'm sure if common with many artists. I just want to paint all day, and then, based on my current business approach, I guess I want to stick those paintings in a box on a shelf because I'm too lazy to figure out what to do next? I think I need to work on that end game in a major way. 

So, after taking a break from this website and returning to see that it has taken on a life of its own in my absence (hello and thank you viral Pinterest Pins!), I decided that I shouldn't walk away from something that I created just because my impulses have changed. I am going to take pride in the fact that projects I've done in my house and FOR my house have drawn thousands of people to this website every day, and I'm going to try to share more of what I've been working on!   It may be mostly art related, but I also have had a kitchen renovation going on all summer, so eventually that'll be fun to share too! 

But first, let me share with you the fact that I actually built another website. It's more of a showcase for my art, and a landing page to link to projects that I'm working on.  I don't think it'll ever be a blog, because luckily I decided to build this baby 6 years ago... and why re-invent the wheel? 

But, it's super pretty, and super colorful, so please pop on over and check it out: 

You can see the latest and greatest of my Etsy shop, and a sneak peek at ANOTHER project I've got going on behind the scenes. Thanks for hanging with me in my journey. 

Moody Floral

Moody floral

Spring is here! Have you heard about the "moody floral" trend? I'm seeing it everywhere and I'm obsessed. It takes the sweetness of pastel florals and mixes it with dark backgrounds like navy and black. And since I would wear black nail polish every day if it didn't chip so badly, this is obviously right up my ally.

I painted the featured piece here "Bloom."  I could definitely see something like this hanging in the bedroom of a teenager, with a subtle pink on the wall and pops of coral as well as dark color around the room.  And the moody floral fashion accents, well those are just for fun!

"Bloom" is for sale in print and digital download on my Etsy shop now! 


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