Thanksgiving crafty stuff

Has anyone seen that meme on Facebook that says something to the effect of, "Why buy it when you could make it yourself for $92 in craft supplies?"

That is totally me. 

In my head I think it'll be fun to DIY, and because as an artist I always feel the  need to tweak the design just a little to make it exactly what I want, it just makes sense to do it myself. But then I start adding up what I spent on the supplies and I realize that maybe I should have just bought the cookie cutter pre-made version that I saw in the dollar section at Target.

So for today's installment of "Instead of just buying it, I bought the entire craft store, " I present to you this cutie little Thanksgiving banner that I made last year as a hostess gift for my Aunt and Uncle who generously host the entire family every year on Thanksgiving. Don't worry, I brought wine as well.

Truthfully it took me much longer and was much more work than I originally anticipated- but I love this stuff so it's not exactly work as far as I'm concerned.

I bought some square double sided patterned paper (I think I even made the banner double sided and the back says "Blessed," but really I can't even remember!), some twine, some paint, some glue, and some letter stencils. Honestly the hardest part was making perfect little triangles out of the squares! 

Now that I have all of the supplies, I could theoretically make another one for myself without spending a dime, but so far I haven't. Maybe next year :)

In addition to this little Thankful banner, some wine, and enough suitcases that my poor Aunt and Uncle probably thought we were moving in instead of staying for 2 days, I always like to bring a little craft for the kiddos to work on while the adults are prepping dinner and drinking the wine. One year we made Turkey hats and it was adorable.  The faces have been emojified to protect my poor innocent cousins.

And sometimes I get all Pinteresty on the food too and turn the appetizer platters into turkeys.

So now here we are just over a week away from Thanksgiving and I have no homemade hostess gift, no silly Turkey craft, and no Pinterest inspired appetizer planned. Aaaaah! Time to get moving. Can't have Thanksgiving without turkey hats and veggie platters that vaguely resemble poultry! Just kidding, we totally can, and we probably will. Thankfully, this holiday existed long before Pinterest.


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